Penclic Mouse - R3 Wireless*

23 February 2017

I was recently sent the Penclic R3 mouse to review by the wonderful people at Media PR. The Penclic is a mouse that is designed to provide you with a healthier working position and prevents any unnecessary rotation in the wrist and elbow which can lead to pesky repetitive strain injuries. Setup for the Penclic is relatively straight forward (coming from someone who isn't the most tech-savvy), it requires a rechargeable AAA battery (which is included within the pack), and a nano-USB receiver to be plugged and connected with the mouse in then you're good to go!

The mouse itself seems to have a pretty impressive list of reasons for purchasing it including the fact that it can be used by both left and right handed people, it's lightweight, it's pen-like shape moves together with the base giving precise movements (great if you're a photoshop user like myself) and it works on pretty much any work surface making it ideal for working on the go. I mean what more could you possibly want from a mouse?! I've been using it directly in front of my keyboard so that my arm isn't stretched across my desk. and I've even used it in bed on my quilt with my laptop and had no issues with it disappearing etc. I'll be honest, it did take me a couple of hours to get used to actually using it at first but I think I may have been converted from a regular mouse user.

 Overall I think this mouse is pretty damn special and a must have if you're constantly working on your computer. Yes it's a tad on the pricey side at £59.99, but believe me it's so worth it!


Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer*

16 February 2017

I was recently kindly sent out the Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer for review which retails for £15, and can be found in Superdrug and Oliver Bonas stores. So if you've been reading my blog for a whilst you will know that I am pretty much on a mission to find the perfect concealer to cover up my xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits underneath my eyes), so a complexion enhancer or multipurpose undereye concealer (as stated on the Know Cosmetic website) sounds like the perfect product to test out. My first impressions of the product were somewhat positive, I am quite a big fan of liquid concealers in general and loved the packaging of this product, however the twist and brush on style of application isn't really a favourite of mine. The concealer itself has quite a thin consistency, but seemed to spread quite well for the amount used. It seemed to cover up my dark circles moderately well, however my xanthelasma marks were still highly visible which I was a bit disappointed with if i'm honest. Overall I don't think I would personally rush out to purchase this product anytime soon, its overpriced and simply isn't what I'm looking for from a concealer; but if you need some dark circles covering up then who knows it may be up your street! 


I was kindly sent this product for an honest review*

Slimming World: Week 4

12 February 2017

Its been a rocky couple of weeks since my first Slimming World post, i'm not going to lie I've been pretty bad the weeks since my last slimming world related post and have gone pretty much completely off plan. I've overindulged in one too many cakes, and definitely need to get back hard at it. Its the story of my life really, cakes and chocolate have always been my downfall so I should either just continue to eat them and remain the unhealthy weight that I am (according to my doctor, it's not just a I hate myself vibe), or actually kick my own ass and do something about it. I'm attempting the latter. 
As I write this post, it's weigh in day. I've gained a pound taking my loss back down to 6lbs, so yeah i'm feeling pretty crappy if i'm honest. I had lost half a stone until I started stuffing my face due to being on my period (no excuse really, but I needed one so I used it!). I'm aiming to get back on plan tomorrow, a fresh start so we'll see what happens. I've started meal planning again for the first time since I started back on plan so i'm hoping that'll give me the kick I need. 


A Lush Bath Bomb Haul

8 February 2017

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some Lush products to make you feel all happy inside, so that's exactly what I did recently to brighten up my day. I bought six bath bombs but couldn't resist and used one of them prior to writing this post, oops! 

The five bath bombs featured in this post are:
 the Blackberry Bomb (£3.35) which as you can probably tell is blackberry scented is the one I had originally bought two of because they're simply the best thing since sliced bread; 
the Sex Bomb (£3.50) is a product that I only recently got introduced to as I got one for Christmas, if you're a fan of parma violets then you'll love this little gem; 
the Lava Lamp Bomb (£4.25) is filled with citricy scented goodness comprising of mandarins, tangerines and orange flower with a purple orbs of cocoa butter. I've had this product a couple of times now and it's pretty damn amazing at making your skin  soft and beautifully scented; 
the Frozen Bomb (£4.25) is made with neroli oil, rose oil and grafefruit oil making it another one of my favourite scents from the Lush collection. I definitely feel like Elsa with the blue glittery water whenever I use this!; 
the Ylang Song Bombshell (£4.25) is a product that I have never tried before, I was tempted to purchase it after reading the product information on the Lush website, it sounds like the perfect bomb to use during a pamper session with it's calming ylang ylang and floral scents. I can't wait to give it a try! 

What are your favourite Lush bath bombs?


Finishing Touches: The Living Room

5 February 2017

Designing the interior of my home has been an amazing experience. I've always been interested in interior design from a young age so actually being able to put that into practice has definitely been an experience to remember. The process is still very much ongoing, but I can finally say that this part of the living room is finished. The fireplace is my favourite part of the room, the white marble effect just instantly stands out as you walk into the room so I wanted it to stand out even more so by colouring the feature wall behind it teal, and leaving all other walls in the room white. 
We picked up the floating shelves from IKEA a couple of months ago, and i'll be honest I struggled to find ornaments I actually liked to go on them until a couple of weeks ago. The teal candle, photo frames, cactus' and fake plant are all also from IKEA, the bronze cable car I picked up whilst on holiday in San Francisco. and the bronze rabbit ornaments (£8) are from the George home range. The fireplace is home to the beautiful chrome and glass lantern which I actually picked up before we moved in from Matalan (£10) because I simply got too impatient and had to buy it (story of my life really!). The final finishing touch was the mirror with the grey wood frame from Amazon which fits in perfectly with the two grey wooden tripod lamps which are also placed in the living room just out of sight. Overall i'd say i'm pretty darn happy with how it's all looking at the moment, there is still lots to do in the rest of the house but i'm sure I will be back posting again with more updates once they're finished. 


How I care for my coloured hair

1 February 2017

I have dyed my hair since I was about 13 years old, and didn't really think about the damage that plus heat from straighteners would cause back then, I mean who does at that age?! Back when I was 17 my hair was pillarbox red, I dyed it every weekend for a couple of months because I simply couldn't stand getting roots (which is inevitable really), my hair started to feel like cotton wool and was that soft that it just started falling out, leaving me with baldy patches all over my scalp. After that enough was enough, I started investing in some better hair products and decided to stop dying my hair as much. 
Fast forward 7 years (wtf, how has it been 7 years already!), I have healthy purple hair, granted it does need a trim after seeing that photo but still healthy nevertheless. My hair care has vastly improved. For each wash I am now using Tigi Recharge shampoo and Tigi Colour Goddess conditioner (both of which smell amazing by the way), Tresemme's Heat Defence styling spray and Salon Chic Shine Serum all of which I picked up from B&M/Home Bargains which were relatively cheap at less than £30 for all four products. I try to stick to washing my hair twice a week to make the colour last as long as possible, so in between washes I tend to use the Batiste Floral dry shampoo which does a great job at keeping my hair looking and smelling fresh. The products I have been using for the past few months definitely seem to have a positive impact on the condition of my hair, it looks and feels a lot healthier than ever before, so I would definitely invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, a serum to make your hair shine and a heat defence spray for use whenever you are applying heat (not just after washing!). 
I hope this post inspires you guys to invest in some hair care products because they really do help to protect those beautiful locks of yours! 


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