Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Models Own Nail Polish Haul

I decided to try out the Models Own Nail Polishes as they were on offer (6 for £20 mix and match) and I had never used them before. They arrived really quickly, and in lovely packaging (A+ for that!), so I couldn't wait to try them out..I ordered the Tropical sun (Beetlejuice), Indian Ocean (Beetlejuice), Aqua Splash (Splash), Vintage Pink, Speckled Eggs Swan Lilac and the Lilac Sheen Hypergel.

As you can see they are all really pretty. Vintage Pink and Speckled Egg are definitely my faves! I applied one application on each of the nails, the brush allows easy application with coverage of the entire nail in the one application, and so far I haven't had much of a chipping problem (typically lasts about 2/3 days without a chip)! 
I think that the Aqua splash should be applied on top of another polish (Blue/Lilac) to make it stand out a bit better, and add a bit of sparkle to another polish you may already have! The Tropical Sun and Indian Ocean polishes may need more than one application to make the colour stand out a bit more! 
As for the Vintage Pink, Speckled Egg and Lilac Sheen Hypergel the coverage from one application was impressive, and the colours are gorgeous. All of the polishes dry in no time at all, which is always a bonus and seem to be chip resistant for a few days. So my opinion, definitely worth a try

I think the speckled egg range will be a big hit in the summer! 

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