24 September 2014

Hola, Barcelona!

Barcelona is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit, i've been there twice now and both times it hasn't failed to amaze. This time around I went on the official city bus tour which was meant to take around two and a half hours for both routes (orange and green) so that we could see both the Nou Camp and the Sagrada Familia (plus a lot of other great sightseeing places!) which were on different routes, however sadly it actually took around 4 and a half hours which was rather disappointing as I didn't have time to go shopping in Las Ramblas boo! The previous time we visited Barcelona we used the underground to get around from place to place, which we found was a lot easier and a lot cheaper than the tours, so I would definitely suggest using that method of getting around over the tour buses if you're planning a visit there anytime soon. 


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