Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mark Jacobs Daisy Dream body moisturiser

I've tried countless amounts of moisturisers, each of which I find some sort of problem with.. I guess i'm just majorly picky but they just have to be almost perfect for me to want to purchase them again. So on my recent travels I bought the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream moisturiser...

Now I have to admit I didn't think this was a moisturiser when I was purchasing it, because silly me never reads things properly/at all which results in me spending a lot more money than I have to. I originally thought this was the perfume, slightly idiotic of me considering it was just £20 and no duty free would ever be that cheap for such a large product, but since I had already purchased it I decided to give it a try anyway.

I absolutely love the packaging of the product. Both the box and the tube are well designed with beautiful daisies and a pastel blue shade - I know I wouldn't mind leaving it out on display in my room which is a first for me! I think this has to be the best moisturiser I have ever used, yes its a bit on the pricey side at £25 but I think you definitely wouldn't regret purchasing it as it leaves your skin looking radiant and smelling both floral and fruity for hours but the smell isn't too overpowering which is a great quality for the product. The main positive of the moisturiser for me is the amount of time it actually takes to soak into the skin, which is literally about a minute. I am so impressed with this 'accidental' purchase i'm going to be buying a few to give out for christmas presents this year, and I will be adding the Daisy Dream gift set to my christmas list for sure!

Have you tried any of the Daisy Dream products? What did you think of them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. YAY I've been looking forward to reading this since you mentioned you picked it up- I can't afford the perfume and even though this is pricey I think it will be a good start to see if I want the perfume, plus the absorption time sounds great xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  2. This sounds so lovely! I have the perfume and its gorgeous. Might have to try this too!
    Alex //

  3. i really need to sample the perfume!

    from helen at

  4. I really want to try this! I have tried the perfume and loved it!! Xx