Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

This post will be the first installment of my 'Quest for the Best Concealer' posts in which I will be testing out a number of concealers in search for the one with the best overall coverage . I will be looking at both drug store and high end brands, and comparing their coverage through looking at how visible my Cholesterol marks are after use. I will then be giving them a score out of ten at the end of the post with one being terrible and ten being great; at the end of the 'Quest for the Best' posts I will do a summary post containing the concealers with the best coverage both from the drug store and high end so that you guys can grab the products with the best value for money.

The first drugstore concealer I have chosen to review is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer which is priced at £5.49. This concealer is available in four different shades - Ivory, True Ivory, Classic Beige and Soft Beige; I purchased the Ivory shade as it is the lightest shade available and therefore the best suited to my skin tone. 

First of all I love concealers in which you are provided with a wand applicator and don't need to head out to buy a concealer brush, they are so handy to take out with you in your handbag for a quick freshen up throughout the day. I think that Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is perfect for getting rid of those pesky dark circles under the eyes or any blemishes on the face as it covers them up no problem; however in my opinion it is simply not thick enough to cover up the strong coloured pigment of the cholesterol marks even I when applied it a couple of times. It is great value for money as only a small amount of the product is needed to cover up those dark circles, and it tends to last for hours before needing reapplication. Some issues I had with this product were its orange tone as it seemed slightly dark for my pale complexion, and the fact it seems quite glittery when exposed to any direct light - as much as I would love to look like Alice Cullen its not really the look I was going for.

So as this product is so good at covering up blemishes and dark circles I will be giving it a rating of 5/10, however it doesn't do a great job at covering those cholesterol marks up so I guess the search is still on for the best concealer for the job!

Have you tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer?


  1. This is the one I've used for the last year or so - I worry about dark circles as I don't sleep well, and this usually reduces them to a happy level for me. On a night out I usually used Mabelline Baby Skin under BB cream before my concealer and that also helps. But I'm always looking for a good base so looking to seeing your next posts xx👌😙

  2. Oooh I love this! Look forward to seeing you try lots out ^__^
    As for this concealer, I've never tried it! I love the Wake Me Up foundation, but maybe this isn't thick enough for a concealer as you say :)

    Jemma x

  3. Concealers are so hard to find that actually do the job well :( keep me informed on the hunt! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs