Sunday, 8 March 2015

West Coast USA: Los Angeles

I realise I went on holiday quite a while back now (October) but I only put up my pictures from San Francisco (here) for you guys to see. So expect a couple more posts in the next few weeks with the rest of my favourite holiday snaps on!

Los Angeles is absolutely massive! I am so glad we had a tour guide taking us around on our two days there as I would have had absolutely no idea how to get from where we stayed in Buena Park to central LA. On our first day in LA we took a tour around Hollywood; we saw the walk of fame, the famous Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive, and of course the Hollywood sign - to be honest we had pretty much seen all of it within about four hours which gave us plenty of time to shop at Sephora (much to Andys delight!). I think day 2 was definitely my favourite of the two, Universal Studios Hollywood. I had been to Universal in Australia when I was a child and absolutely loved it so I just couldn't miss it. We spent the entire day at the park which meant we got to see all the shows (plus extra ones put on for Halloween!), go on the Universal studios tour and see where some shows are filmed, shop for tonnes of Jurassic park related items, and eat so there were definitely no complaints from me! 
I'd say LA is definitely the place to go if you love driving, and being stuck in traffic for hours on end (literally)! Hollywood and central LA were great, but my only regret was not visiting the Santa Monica Pier - maybe next time eh..;)

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  1. Beyond jealous, if you weren't so ridiculously lovely I might have to hate you 😉😉xx

  2. Universal looks amazing, I did the florida version last year but i'm dying to do the west coast version! In fact, I'm just desperate to travel America!

    Jade x
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