24 May 2015

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Its no secret that Benefit are one of my favourite beauty brands, and have been for a couple of years now. When I first started noticing my cholesterol marks under my eyes Benefit's Boi-ing concealer was the first high-end product I picked up to try and cover them up. To be perfectly honest I think they did a pretty great job which is why I stuck to using the same products for years, before realising it was actually quite a lot of money to be paying out. Typically I had to buy two different shades (1&2) to create the closest colour to the marks as I could get, however this was costing me £35 (£17.50 each) a month with daily use of both shades, which isn't great when you're a student. Further down the line I'm now working part time and definitely can't afford those types of prices every month for makeup (as much as I would like to!), which lead me to start my 'Quest for the best concealer' posts.Honestly, so far I haven't found another concealer which have covered the marks up as well as the Benefit Boi-ing but that doesn't stop me from continuing my search. 

I will give Benefits Boi-ing concealer a mark of 9/10 as it covers both my dark circles and cholesterol marks incredibly well, however there is a possibility I may find one that completely covers them up so I can't go any higher with the mark for now! 

So for now I guess the quest continues...

Thanks for reading!


6 May 2015

A Dupe for Benefit's Fake Up, for less!

From Left to Right: Makeup Revolution The One, Benefit's Fake Up, No Concealer

Concealer is the most important part of my makeup collection. I have cholesterol marks which I often feel embarrassed about, so I made it my 'mission' to find a concealer that would completely cover them up so I wouldn't be as concious of how they stood out on my face. This post is a bit of a mixture between my quest for the best concealer posts and a high end dupe post as I have two concealers which I would consider to be quite similar, but from different ends of the shopping scale - a high end brand in the form of Benefit's Fake Up and a drug store in the form of Makeup Revolutions The One.

I have had Benefit's Fake Up concealer for quite a while now after trying out numerous products from their concealer collection. Fake Up is available in three shades - light, medium and deep and is priced at £18.50. The dupe of Benefit's Fake Up, otherwise known as Makeup Revolutions 'The One' is a relatively new purchase of mine which I picked up from Superdrug for just £3; it is available in three shades - light, medium and dark. 

I found that when comparing the two products that I actually prefer the coverage from 'The One' as it has managed to cover up my dark circles, and reduce the pigmentation of my cholesterol marks to a much better standard than the Fake Up. The fine lines and creases under my eyes have also been diffused better when using 'The One', which did surprise me as this is one of the main selling points for Fake Up. I picked up the lightest shade in both concealers, which as you can probably tell are very quite different - the one is much lighter than fake up making it ideal for those who have a paler complexion like myself. So taking all that into consideration, I would award Benefits Fake Up a mark of 5/10 and Makeup Revolutions 'The One' a mark of 6/10. 

Overall I actually prefer the dupe product, it gives a greater coverage and it costs a whopping £15.50 less! If you are thinking of picking up Benefit's Fake Up I would definitely suggest trying out Makeup Revolution's 'The One' first as it might just be what you're looking for.

Have you found any other dupes for Benefits Fake Up?

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