Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Body Shop's Instablur vs Makeup Revolution's Ultra Face Base Primer

I first picked up Instablur from The Body Shop during a blogger meetup for its launch event and have been buying it ever since. To be honest i'd never even used a primer before i'd picked up Instablur, so it was quite a surprise when I realised how good primers actually were for oily skin.

It's packaging is quite eye catching with its monochrome design, a definite favourite of mine. The product itself seems to have quite an unusual bitty appearance when it comes out of the tube, which can then be smoothed out in quite a thick coverage across the skin enabling makeup to last for at least 6 hours. I do have to admit that I  find Instablur slightly annoying, I mean whenever I am trying to squirt just a small amount onto my finger it seems to spurt everywhere meaning I have to then use more because its all over the floor and walls (no really!). I don't know why it does this but it seems to have happened more times than I can recall which isn't a good sign, and for £14 for 25ml I want a product that I can use with no issues. Which is why I then decided to try out other primers.

I came across Makeup Revolution's Ultra Face Base primer whilst browsing Superdrug, and decided to pick it up as it's only £5 for 25ml. The packaging is quite cute with its pale pink exterior, the only issue I have with it is the shiny text which I find hard to photograph! The actual product itself is more of a liquid which in my opinion is more appealing that the Instablur's bitty texture. It glides effortlessly across the face leaving it feeling silky smooth with just a thin layer of the primer; I find makeup lasts for about 4 hours before needing a top up which isn't too bad in comparison to the £14 Instablur. 

Overall the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base primer wins this hands down as the value for money is simply incredible. Yes I do think the Instablur is also a great product, but the amount that gets wasted from the strange spurting just annoys me that much that I simply don't want to purchase the product anymore. 

Have you tried The Body Shop's Instablur or Makeup Revolution's Ultra Face Base Primer? 


  1. I normally love the body shop's stuff, and too have oily skin, so may have to try! Thank you!

  2. £5 is such a bargain, might have to try it out! Thanks for this post x