Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Tech Wishlist*

Technology is going to be a pretty big deal for Andy and I when we move out. We pretty much spend our lives on our phones or computers (I'm making us sound so interesting!). But like most people in our generation we simply love the internet. So I thought I may aswell go ahead and make a tech wishlist of all the wonderful items I'd love to purchase for our future home.

1. Panasonic Viera 4K TV - This high resolution TV offers both great images and a sleek look making it a perfect centre piece for our future living room. It features built in freeview, and as it's a smart TV apps such as youtube and netflix can also be used with ease, making my lazy days on the couch a lot more lazier!

2. Apple iMac 21.5 inch - The Mac OS is ideal for editing pictures which makes it perfect for blogging (of course), and frankly would look pretty elegant sitting there on my desk in my new office.  

3. GoPro HERO - The GoPro is the perfect camera for when you're on the move as its small, compact and produces great quality images. Who knows maybe I could even start vlogging (if you could excuse my dreadful accent that is!)?!

4. iPhone 6S Rose Gold - I couldn't imagine having any other phone than an iPhone to be honest, i'm a self confessed apple product addict! The rose gold iPhone 6S is quite possibly the most beautiful phone i've ever seen, its such a beautiful colour and the size of the screen is perfect. 

5.  Playstation 4 - If you follow me on twitter you will probably be aware that i've just purchased an xbox one, so you may be wondering why i've added a playstation 4 to my wishlist. Well, I bought the xbox for the xbox exclusive games, in particular Halo. But I also want the playstation for its exclusive games such as Bloodborne and Uncharted 4. Plus it would pair up perfectly with the lovely Panasonic 4k TV!

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*This post is kindly sponsored by Panasonic


  1. I almost did a post like this a little while ago and all of these things, except the tv, would have been on my list too. Especially the iMac I need this in my life :)

    Julz xx

  2. Oh god I have wanted a mac for ages and I need a camera after I had to sell mine, I am trying to save but clothes always seem to take presidence :/Ouch xxx

  3. The iMac is the best investment you can make. My 27" is almost a year old, I got it during Black Friday and saved a lot of money! My iPhone is a 4s as I couldn't bring myself to splurge and get the 5s in rose gold that I wanted before the 6 even came out. I'm thinking of getting the 6s and paying it in installments but my supplier doesn't offer the rose gold version :( Anyway I'd make sure to use any kind of cover so I wouldn't be able to see the rose gold so I don't mind getting it in another colour. I've been lusting over a gold pineapple cover that I've seen a few YouTubers use. I'm obsessed with pineapples since last summer and even though it's getting on winter time I wouldn't mind seeing more pineapple print around.

  4. I'd LOVE a Mac, I just read the comment above and now I'm thinking that Black Friday is coming up... haha! The Rose Gold iphone looks so cute, but I feel like EVERYONE will be getting it now :( That TV sounds amazing though, I'll definitely look out for that when me and Dan get our own place!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer