Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturising Hand Cream

Hand creams are a must have for me during the winter. My job involves a lot of washing dishes, and using chemicals so as you can imagine they do get extremely dry. When I found out Zoella was bringing out a hand cream with her new products for the original scent I was pretty excited. The original scent is one of my favourite all time scents, so I had to head out and get it as soon as I could.

The packaging as ever is beautiful with its cream exterior detailed with copper/rose gold spots and writing, and of course the pretty lace effect. The hand cream itself is quite a subtle floral scent, which I personally love as I hate overpowering scents within hand creams or moisturisers. A small amount of the product does go a really long way, so I would recommend using about a pea sized amount to get you started, then build it up if needed. Once applied all over the hands the cream is almost instantaneously absorbed into the skin leaving your hands silky smooth, and beautifully scented.
At only £5 I think buying this product is pretty much a no brainer if you are a fan of the original Zoella Beauty scent.

What are your thoughts on the Zoella Beauty scents? Which is your favourite?

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  1. I've got this same hand cream & it really haven't worked out for me :/ I love the scent though, it's absolutely wonderful!

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi