Friday, 18 December 2015

Relaxing at Christmas Time

I always find pampering during the Christmas holidays that little bit more relaxing, don't you?!
I finished work for the holidays today, which means two full weeks of relaxing, playing games, and watching films (and stuffing my face with all things chocolatey in between of course).
I have to admit I have been pretty organised with my Christmas presents and wrapping this year as everything has been bought and wrapped already; which of course means more time to chill and enjoy my time off! The pampering will be well and truly under way this weekend, starting with a 'Frozen' Lush bubble bath, a good old mud mask to cleanse my face and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in (sounds like heaven to me!). Next on the list will be the plucking of the eyebrows (or bushes as they are more commonly known these days), painting of the nails and moisturising of the face and body, basically I'll be looking a million dollars for the first time in months! After my relaxing bath and pamper session I plan on playing some board games with my family (you can't beat a bit of monopoly and scrabble!), before heading up to bed to watch a couple of Christmas films. Of course this whole routine will be repeated on Christmas Eve too, but with the addition of my new Christmas Eve pyjamas (which I just realised, I still haven't bought! *frantically runs out shopping*).

What do you guys do to relax at Christmas time?

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