20 December 2016

Selective foods for Guinea Pigs*

The dietary requirements for Guinea Pigs can be quite overwhelming when you first start to read into it, but it is of course extremely important that you do research before feeding them as you could be feeding them something potentially life threatening. Vitamin C is a major component needed within a piggies diet as their bodies don't manufacture any - so lots of leafy greens and pellets rich in Vitamin C are ideal.

When I first got my piggies, I picked up what was easily available in my local shops, and stuck to a single brand. As the product was a museli mix I found that my piggies would simply eat their favourite and leave the rest, which resulted in quite a bit of wasted museli and me looking for different brands of guinea pig food which would help solve this problem. I reached out to Supreme Pet Foods about this, and they kindly gifted me some Science Selective products for my piggies to try out. I was sent Science Selective Guinea Pig food, Selective Naturals Blackberry and Chamomile small animal treats, Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Dandelion and Rosehip small animal treats and a bag of Timothy Hay. 

The Selective Guinea Pig food which is usually priced at £6 for a 2kg bag, is a huge hit with my piggies and as the pellets are all the same (unlike the museli) they will all be eaten which is definitely a bonus. I found that both the Selective Naturals Blackberry and Chamomile treats and the Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Dandelion and Rosehip treats sadly weren't as big of a hit as the pellets had been, as the boys had a little nibble then went back to sit in their hidey house somewhat unimpressed; although I have seen this in the past with other brands of treats, maybe they just don't have a sweet tooth! The Timothy Hay definitely had the best response of the bunch, my piggies thoroughly enjoyed munching away on it so I will 100% be repurchasing it for them in the future. 



19 December 2016

Cohorted Beauty Box: December 2016

I definitely feel as though the weeks in beween Cohorted beauty boxes need to go a little quicker because basically I just can't handle the excitement for getting them. This months box arrived a little later than usual, but that was delayed when I missed the parcel and had to wait until yesterday to pick it up too (sad times I know), Anyways, the box itself was a little underwhelming if I am completely honest. The only product I was pretty excited about was the Clarins Multi-Blush in the shade Grenadine (£18.50) as it is the first Clarins makeup product i've ever had. The box also contained two Lucy Annabella Christmas Candles (£17 each) and Lavender Bath Essence by Plum and Ashby (£18) both of which aren't really my favourite of scents, but i'm thinking they would make lovely presents for family at Christmas. The final item in the box was Winter Large Bath Soap by the English Soap Company (£8) which was again not really to my tastes but will definitely make a nice gift for someone. Overall i'm not entirely sure I want to continue my subscription. I mean yes i've only been subscribed for two months but with boxes priced at £35 I would like products more to my liking.



18 December 2016

10 Things I'm looking forward to this Christmas

Christmas is pretty damn close now so I thought i'd compose a little post of 10 things that I look forward to doing over the holidays pretty much every single year. Just writing it down makes me squeal with excitement and become all giddy inside eeeeeek!

1. Spending time with my family
2. Having time off work to relax (its been a long, long term!)
3. Giving presents - I love the challenge of picking an individual gift for everyone
4. The amount of food I can get away with eating by saying 'its Christmas'
5. Getting into my new pyjamas on Christmas eve after having a little pamper session
6. Making our first Christmas dinner in our new home, yummy!
7. Visiting the Christmas market, I do love a Nutella Crepe or two...
8. Doing some Christmas baking - Cookies, Chocolate Logs, basically everything that we can make, we will make. 
9. Cinnamon Candles - Not going to lie i've already had these out, they smell too scrumptious not to have lit!
10. Watching Christmas Films - The Muppet Christmas Carol in particular!

I hope you guys and gals have an amazing Christmas break!


15 December 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Are the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks worth the hype? 

My opinion... Hell. Yes.

I picked it up from Debenhams in two shades - Lolita and Exorcism. 
I have to admit it was strange to apply at first and yeah I ended up smudging it pretty much all around my lips, but once I got the hang of it I was in love.  The pigmentation of the shades is literally incredible, I have never fallen in love with a product before as much as I have with this. It's £16 worth of pure perfection. I found it to be quite tacky upon application, but it soon dries and becomes almost undetectable on the lip. The longevity of the lipstick is also something I was quite impressed with, I mean more than four hours without needing reapplication?! Wow. I don't really know what more I can say to express my love for this product anymore, other than go buy it yourself and see how fantastic it is first hand!


12 December 2016

A Guinea Pig Essentials Checklist

Pets are for life and not just for Christmas! Its important to have a checklist to make sure that your piggies/pet have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life. I've compiled a list of all the things I have for my piggies, that may come in useful for you guys if you have a piggie of your own or you're thinking of getting two (they need a companion remember!).

A Cage - Preferably an indoor one so that the piggies don't get cold!

Bedding - I've just invested in fleece cage liners which are incredible, if you don't want one of those i'd recommend trying dust extracted woodshavings

Vegetables - Should be provided as frequently as possible, ideally daily. Rex and Spud's favourites are definitely romaine lettuce, corriander and kale!

- A fresh bowl of pellets should be provided daily to ensure the piggies are getting enough Vitamin C. 

- This should be the main part of your piggies diet as it allows the digestive system to function properly. 

Gravity Water Bottle 
- Obviously another essential for your piggies diet, they can become really ill if they don't have enough so definitely pick up a little bottle and top up water levels twice a day. 

Nail Clippers
- Unless you're getting a vet to clip your piggies nails, then i'd invest in some nail clippers they're much easier to use than the small scissors often advertised (Rex always tries to nibble away at them, so i've opted for clippers instead)

Small animal shampoo
- Its important that you pick up a shampoo specifically designed for small animals. Piggies should be bathed around 2/3 times a year as bathing them too often can dry out their skin and strip their coats of natural oils. 

Hidey houses/tunnels
- Guinea's love to hide away, so hidey houses or tunnels are the perfect addition to any cage. 

- My little guys love having something to nibble on, and i've seen quite a variety of chew toys out there for them so i'd definitely invest in a few to keep them busy!

- It's important to keep track of your Guinea Pigs weight, to make sure that they're eating properly and aren't sick. 

A Brush
- Handy if you have a long haired piggie, I don't really need one for my two as they're both short haired.


6 December 2016

Guinea Pig Cage Liners

It's crazy how much my life now revolves around my two little Guinea's Rex (pictured) and Spud, and of course I want them to be spoiled and be super happy piggies so I've recently been looking into various bedding options for their cage - which is when I came across the idea of cage liners. 

Cage liners are basically just two layers of fleece put together with an absorbent layer stitched in between them which is hand made to fit your cage. The absorbent layer as you can probably guess, absorbs any piggie pee in the cage, and the poos can be easily brushed up making it super easy to clean on a daily basis. The cage liners are machine washable which is also really handy as you aren't constantly having to pay out for dust extracted woodshavings which can be a tad pricey. 

After hunting online for the perfect cage liners I came across a site called Ziggys Piggies which make a variety of different items for your piggies cage including the cage liners, lap pads and snuggle sacks (all of which are super cute!). I picked up two cage liners for £28 (including postage) which are high quality, and were posted just five days after I had placed my order. Overall the service I received from Ziggys Piggies was incredible, and I would highly recommend making a purchase from them if you're thinking of picking up some items for your Guinea's!



27 November 2016

20 Things to do when you're feeling bored

Don't you just hate it when you have the day off but have no idea what to do with it? 
If you're like me then you'll just tend to sit around for hours bored, and twiddling your thumbs trying to think of things to do. Well... stop twiddling those thumbs guys as I have came up with a list of 20 things to do when you too are feeling the boredom. 

1. Watch a film or some episodes of a TV show
2. Play a board game
3. Bring out your inner Mary Berry and bake some cakes 
4. Catch up on Youtube or some blogs
5. Have a pamper - who doesn't love a nice long soak in a lush bath?!
6. Buy a colouring book for adults, and go crazy!
7. Have a little nap
8. Read a book or magazine
9. Exercise
10. Have a clear out - clothes, makeup, emails; the possibilities are endless!
11. Wash your makeup brushes
12. Explore your local area - go out for a walk to the park or the shops.
13. Start a blog, or plan some blog posts/take photos if you have one already!
14. Wash your makeup brushes
15. Start a bullet journal or scrap book
16. Make last minute plans with friends to go out or have a night in.
17. Do some online shopping - you gotta treat yourself, am I right?
18. Learn a new language/how to play a musical instrument
19. Spend your entire day on pinterest making new boards (yep, i've done this and its quite theraputic tbh!)
20. Find some new music to listen to

I hope this list is useful during your time of need! 



22 November 2016

Cohorted Beauty Box: November 2016

Beauty boxes have definitely became a little obsession of mine over the past couple of years. But as you can probably guess I had to cut down on the spending when we bought a house so i've sadly limited myself to just the one box per month now. As you may have guessed, my beauty box of choice was the 'Cohorted' beauty box which is priced at £35. This box has definitely proven to be great value for money with this months products costing a whopping £98.95 when bought individually.
I have to admit the only product I have actually previously used from this box is the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm (£6.95); it's definitely a must have for the autumn/winter season as its a multipurpose soothing balm that can be used on lips, nails and skin, and even used for hair and beauty finishing. A product that I will definitely be using is the Cargo All Around the World eyeshadow palette (£35), it has 12 beautiful eyeshadow shades perfect for almost every occasion.
. The products I'm not so keen on are the Vita Liberata Skin Respect repairing and rejuvenating night balm (£35), and the Evolve Beauty Hydroluronic Serum (£28) both of which aren't really what I would usually purchase - ie anti wrinkle products! Overall I have mixed thoughts about the box but will definitely be continuing my subscription with Cohorted, and can't wait to see what's featured in the December edition. 


13 November 2016

My Reverse Bucket List

Making a bucket list is a great idea, setting out to achieve all those things you want from life and marking it off along the way. But instead of looking ahead, why not look back at all of those amazing things you have already achieved? Today's post is a reverse bucket list, looking back on all those things from my past that I am proud to have achieved.

1. Got a pet - two in fact!
2. Held a Koala and petted a Kangaroo
3. Licked a snail (it was cooked and in France!)
4. Saw Steve Irwin feed crocodiles at Australia Zoo
4. Passed by driving test
5. Got to the front row of standing at a Paramore concert
6. Became a Bachelor of Science with Honours with a First class degree
7. Got a full time job that I enjoy
8. Went on Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls
9. Explored the Grand Canyon
10. Took a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls
11. Swam 200 lengths for one of my honours awards at swimming club when I was a child (couldn't manage that now of course...)
12. Visited the Smithsonian Natural History, and Air and Space museums
13. Rode a gondola in the Venetian, Vegas
14. Crossed the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
15. Created my blog - Sazbomb :)
16. Bought a house
17. Had traditional Italian Pizza and ice cream
18. Attempted to ice skate
19. Boogie boarded at the gold coast
20. Gambled in Vegas

What is an achievement that you are proud of?


6 November 2016

My Tips for Staying Happy, Positive and Motivated...

Life has been a bit of a struggle lately. I'm not going to share all the negative things which have happened, but overcoming them has been hard. So I've decided to write this post not only to encourage happiness and positivity in myself, but hopefully within you guys too.  

I have to admit I'm a bit of a negative Nancy a lot of the time, which isn't great for my happiness, or the happiness of others around me, so I've managed to turn that frown upside down using the following three tips:
1) Surround yourself with positive people, and positive thoughts. If you're having a negative moment try to think of a positive outcome of the situation, whatever it may be.
2) Organise your life, it might help! I tend to do a lot of lists, but one thing which I have only just started doing is making weekly target lists including the things I want to complete within the week. I got a bit off track with my blog for quite a while, and was relying on scheduled posts which I had written weeks before to keep it going. As much as I love having posts scheduled its not great for motivation.
3) Do the things that make you happy, whether that's painting, baking, gaming or even dancing around in your underwear like Callie from Grey's anatomy. Relax a little and have some me time! 


2 November 2016

Life Lessons

I guess everyone would love the opportunity to go back in time and tell their younger selves the right pathway to take when it comes to certain situations. Today's post features three points which I personally would love to have known during my teenage years..

Growing up is confusing. Even now at 24 years old I still don't know what it is I actually want to do. Yeah i've been to university, graduated, and i'm now working full time but I feel as though no thought went into it. When I was applying for university I had no idea of other academic routes that I could have taken instead, such as an apprenticeship. I find it ridiculous how going to university prevents you from doing an apprenticeship due to funding, but you are able do an apprenticeship then go to university.  Surely that would account for the same amount of funding? So my advice to any of you guys who are unsure of what you want to do in life, take a step back and explore every possible option out there, there's no rush to go to university as you can always apply later on (even in your 60's!)

Friends go their separate ways, no matter how long you have known eachother. This has happened to me plenty of times, sometimes people just drift apart due to different ambitions, interests or simply because you don't get along anymore. This isn't something to dwell on, fair enough at first it can be upsetting but don't forget that there are plenty of others out there who share the same interests as you, who would probably love to get to know you a bit better!

Junk food actually is bad for you. I agree with you that this point probably sounds a bit stupid as everyone knows junk foods bad for you right?! Wrong. I was 17 when I started my binge eating of all things sugary/cheesy, and I didn't have a care in the world. I went through a phase of having pizza pretty much every night for months, which resulted in me getting high cholesterol. Doctors seemed pretty horrified at the fact I had it at such a young age, and I was even more horrified when the marks appeared under my eyes. You may have seen my posts about covering up these marks before my whole blog revamp as this is still very much an issue for me even seven years later. Yes you can bring cholesterol levels down naturally which I have been doing for a while now, but there is no guarantee that the marks will disappear too. Obviously cholesterol problems aren't the only issues with eating junk food with other obvious conditions being diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity (amongst others). I'm not saying don't eat any junk food whatsoever because lets face it we all love a bit of grease every now and then, just don't go overboard with it like I did. After all like they say 'you are what you eat!'.

What do you wish you'd known 5 years ago?



30 October 2016

My Top Tips for the House Buying Process

I never thought it would be easy when it came to buying a house, never mind the fact that it'll be our first house. Even though we haven't actually officially bought our house yet we have still had some experiences which I thought would be quite useful to share with you guys, just in case you're in a similar situation or plan to be in the future.

1) Compare Mortgages and find the best one for you - Check out the various comparison sites and find the one which is better suited to what you're looking for; don't forget to keep an eye out for those extra fees as we managed to get a mortgage with nationwide with no additional costs, so they definitely are available!

2) Research into Conveyancing solicitors of your own - When doing some research online before starting the home buying process I found out that you can actually go through your mortgage provider to hire a conveyancing solicitor which would probably be a lot easier, but you would most probably have to pay extra in comparison to hiring your own conveyancer. We were quoted just above £900 for a solicitor from nationwide but managed to get a highly recommended solicitor for just £730 (don't forget every bit of extra money you have can help towards buying that beautiful sofa, or like in my case maybe even a dressing table!).

3) Obtain an agreement in principle/decision in principle from your mortgage lender - This is a very important step as it shows both the estate agent and your chosen solicitor that you can actually pay for the house, plus gives you peace of mind that the bank are actually willing to confirm they will lend you the money you need.

4) Get a home buyers report  - We put an offer in on a property we had fallen head over heels in love with; the interior of the house looked absolutely beautiful and everything seemed to be in such a great condition, however all was not as it seemed. The house was valued at a whopping £6000 less than what we had offered, the chimney was bulging (and could collapse at any minute), both the house and extension roofs needed completely redoing and there was damp throughout the house in the main walls - and they were just some of the issues with the house! So, we reluctantly withdrew our offer much to the dismay of our estate agent who seemed overly persistent in his attempts to get us to move forward with the purchase (and in fact was pretty rude in doing so too!). Without the report we would be stuck with a property needing thousands of pounds of work doing to it, so I would 100% recommend getting it done or of course a more in depth survey. 

5) Ask the seller lots of questions - Why they are looking to sell? Have they had any major work done to the property? What are the neighbours like? This will help you to get a general idea about the property and area which is essential when considering whether or not you want to pay out thousands of pounds for it. 

Hope this helps with your house buying journey!



27 October 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Big Kiss & Pink Cocoa Lipsticks

Tanya Burr recently introduced six new lipsticks in her Autumn 2016 cosmetics collection - Big Kiss, Pink Cocoa, Central Park, Wild Safari, Happily Ever After and Birthday Cake which range from deep red through to bright pink through to a subtle nude. The lipsticks are packaged in a shiny gold casing which definitely adds the feel of luxury to the £6.99 product. I was able to pick up two of the six shades during the week of release - Big Kiss which is a beautiful deep red shade and Pink Cocoa which as you can imagine is a stunning pinky-brown shade.

I have to admit I am a huge fan of both lipsticks. They have everything I want in a lipstick - extremely moisturising, light on the lips, highly pigmented, and the perfect sheer shades for my pale skin complexion. I often find it hard to find the perfect lipstick as most dry out my lips far too quickly even when applying lip balm before hand, however with Tanya's creamy lipsticks I don't even need to apply anything beforehand. I've found that the colour tends to last really well (despite the fact that I had been stuffing my face full of Chinese food) with only a single reapplication needed during a day/night out!

 I would highly recommend giving this product a try, and fingers crossed Tanya will bring out a larger range of shades soon! 


23 October 2016

The Beauty of Berlin

Germany is definitely a country that I had always wanted to visit, and this year felt like the perfect time to finally go. It was mine and Andy's seven year anniversary back in August so we thought heading away for a couple of days would be a great way to celebrate. Berlin itself is absolutely beautiful, there are so many things to see and do and considering neither of us can speak a word of German we managed to navigate the city pretty well. We stayed in a pretty central location at the Radisson Blu hotel which is right next to the Berlin Cathedral, making it the perfect spot for exploring the city by foot.We managed to get around all of the 'touristy' places on foot during our three day visit which definitely added to the whole experience i'd say. 

If you're a fan of architecture then Berlin is definitely the city for you with buildings such as the Reichstag, the Charlottenburg Palace, the Berlin Cathedral, and even the TV tower.  But of course it is a great place for tourism too with places like Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery to explore, and monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish memorial to visit. 
 I'd say the two places that stood out the most for me were the Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish memorial. This may sound a little silly on my behalf but the Brandenburg Gate was a lot bigger than what I had imagined, I mean its hugeee! I wanted to wait around until dark so that we could see it lit up, and i'm so glad we did as it was pretty damn impressive. If I could have one of those in front of my house instead of a normal front gate, not going to lie I probably would. We also had the chance to visit the Jewish memorial which was absolutely breathtaking, its a simple yet touching monument dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It felt quite eerie as we were walking through, very much like a maze full of headstones but well worth a visit. 

Have you ever visited Berlin? 


20 October 2016

The Stages of Buying A House*

Buying a house is no walk in the park let me tell you. We had many, many house viewings before we thought we had found 'the one'. Sadly that wasn't the case as we had to pull out after having the homebuyers report completed; cutting a long story short the chimney stack was falling down and roof needed completely redoing (yep, the alarm bells started ringing when we saw that as there was no way we could afford the repairs). Thankfully we were able to pull our offer, and continue our search. We found our house a couple of weeks later, we had put an offer in on 2nd February 2016 and all legal work was completed for 26th May 2016, for a move in date 1st June 2016 - and we've been living happily ever after since!
This post is basically a summary of the stages we went through for the purchase of our house, 
Baring in mind I am no expert on the house buying process, I am simply sharing my experience of the process. 

The Stages

Find out how much you can borrow from the mortgage lender - Obviously this is quite important to do before you start your search so that you know what your price range is. You don't want to be looking at houses worth millions when you can only borrow £100,000!

Start your house search - This can be both really fun and really daunting. We must have looked at over 20 houses before we found ours. Stay strong people, you'll find it eventually!

Get an agreement/decision in principle - Basically this is a statement from the mortgage lender stating they are prepared to lend you the money for the house. You will need to obtain an agreement in principle to prove to the estate agent that you can actually afford to purchase the house once you have put an offer in. 

Put an offer in - For me this was the most nerve wracking, yet exciting part. We had to email our offer to the estate agents who then passed it along to the seller. As you can probably tell we were eagerly awaiting their phone call to tell us they'd agreed on the price. Our offer was subject to survery, meaning we wanted to purchase the house but could pull out if required depending on the results of the survey. 

Find a conveyancer (solicitor) - This is basically your legal representative for the whole process. They will deal with all of the paperwork side of the purchase, and will complete all of the relevant searches on the property. Its important to do your research for this part and compare conveyancing companies. I found it super easy to compare conveyancing quotes here

Have a survey completed - I couldn't stress the importance of this stage enough. This was an essential step for us during both attempts at purchasing. Thanks to this report we had found the faults of the first house before we had purchased it, and were able to pull out before landing ourselves with thousands of pounds worth of debt. The report on the second house (or our current house should I say) has given us an idea of what we need to get looked at over time, and has allowed us to get some problems fixed already. 

Finalise the mortgage application - This part involves its adding in all of the important information such as your employment and outgoings information, the estate agents and conveyancer's contact details, and bank account details for the person who will be paying the mortgage. 

Fixtures and fittings report - This is a form which will be filled in by the seller and sent through the solicitors for you to look at. It is basically a list of all of the fixtures and fittings within the house - it will state what the seller is taking with them, what they are leaving for you, and may even feature some items that they are offering up for sale (of course you don't have to purchase them!)

Legal Searches - This is the stage that took the longest to be completed for us, it must have been at least 2 months to get everything back. Searches included a land registry search, water and drainage search, local search, a flood risk report (etc... I'm guessing you catch my drift, all really interesting documents!). Of course the searches are really important for the purchase of the property, but I guess we all get a little impatient sometimes. 

Paying deposit and solicitor fees - Yep, so that big chunk of money you've been saving for what seems like forever.. send it right over to the solicitor! I have to admit it was a sad moment to see it go, but a bit of a relief to know we had nearly finally made it to the end of the process. 

Exchanging Contracts -  The most important stage of the process. Finalising all of the details and signing it all off. We surprisingly received the contracts for the house in the post to sign and send back. I was fully expecting to get called in and have to rush down after work one night to have a big meeting with us on one side and the seller on the other, but no. A simple signature and we were home owners! Pretty great if you ask me. 

Get the keys and move in! - Breathe that big sigh of relief because you can finally settle in to that wonderful new home of yours! I've got to admit it is a pretty great feeling knowing you actually own a house. I will never forget my first night staying here - sleepless, lying on the floor with no internet, food or lights for that matter, but I felt right at home. 

I hope this helps with your understanding of the whole process if you're looking to buy!


*In collaboration with HomebuyerConveyancing.com

16 October 2016

Meet My Guinea Pigs!

If you read my 'A Fresh Start' post then you'll know that I recently got two beautiful american guinea pigs called Rex and Spud. I've never had pets before so you can imagine my excitement when we finally went to pick them up. Rex (who is the larger tri-coloured guinea) appears the be the more dominant of the two, stealing the food and absolutely loving any attention he gets. Spud (who is the smaller brown guinea) on the other hand is the complete opposite, hes very shy and scurries away at the sight of us entering the room. I have to admit its been a bit of a learning curve finding out what they can eat and can't eat, trying to litter train them (yes who knew that was actually a thing!) and getting used to those little squeaks, but I definitely couldn't ever go back to not having the little guys around. 


13 October 2016

Zoella Beauty Scooper Dooper Bath Soak

I'm a huge fan of the original Zoella Beauty scent (the others not so much), so when I heard she was bringing out some new products for the collection I knew I just had to try them out. The weekend arrived so off I went to raid my local Superdrug for the products, but to my dismay they were nowhere to be seen... they had sold out already. You can imagine how saddened I was by this. So sad in fact I had to place an order online instead, and even had to treat myself to some of Tanya Burr's new lipsticks to cheer myself up (every cloud has a silver lining!).

From the newest additions to the Zoella Beauty collection, just the one of the products caught my eye which was the Scooper Dooper bubble bath, I mean who isn't a fan of bubble baths on cold autumn and winter nights?! Priced at £7 for 400ml, the bubble bath itself is thick in consistency, and has the wonderful scent of the original collection with extracts of vitamin e, aloe and shea butter. 
I must admit I am quite the fan of scooping up the bubble bath, running it under water and watching the bubbles appear, it seems somewhat therapeutic in comparison to the usual bottle squeeze of imperial leather bubble bath. I found that the product made my skin feel really soft and moisturised, and of course I was ready for the land of nod after feeling so relaxed! My only issue with the product was that the scent seemed to disappear once the bubbles had formed, which is rather disappointing as i'd love to be able to bathe and inhale the aroma of the product at the same time. 

I have to say I don't think I will be repurchasing this product as it's slightly overpriced for what you get out of it. If you're a huge fan of the scent like I am then I would definitely suggest picking up the Soak Opera shower gel and the Creamy Madly Dreamy moisturiser as they both leave a lasting scent on the skin, and combined only cost £3 more than the Scooper Dooper bubble bath. 



9 October 2016

A Fresh Start.

'Believe you can and you're half way there' - Theodore Roosevelt

Having a fresh start in life is something I definitely believe in. Negativity can take hold, and have quite the effect on your day to day life. I've had my blog for about two and a half years now, starting off in the world of beauty and venturing into the odd fashion post or two - however more recently I've distanced myself from blogging entirely. The posts I used to love sitting and writing for hours became forced, and I started to separate myself from the blogging community as time went on. After moving house, and having a couple of months off sort myself out, I've decided to throw myself back into it. I'm completely starting afresh with a brand new outlook on life - starting right here with my blog.

Things have changed quite a bit for me over the past few months as I've moved into my first house with Andy my fiance, and we have two new additions to our family (Rex and Spud our beautiful American Guinea Pigs). Owning a house is definitely one of the most wonderful/stressful things that can happen to you, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives for me. I have a dressing table for all of my beauty items to be stored in/on, I can leave my perfumes out in the open without fear of my family members using it, I can leave my clothes all over the place and not have someone moan at me to move them, I can sing my 80's favourites as loud as I want in the shower and not feel ashamed for doing so, I can have pizza three nights in a row and not even batter an eyelid.
Life is great, and so are you.



11 April 2016

A Drugstore Haul

Buying new makeup is one of the most satisfying feelings that ever existed. Even if I already own the product, buying a new one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe I have a little spending addiction, but I like to think of it as a hobby. Some people collect stamps, I collect makeup!

The Haul
L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer - This has recently became my everyday go-to primer, it seems to have an everlasting barrier against the overwhelming oiliness of my skin which is astonishing to say the least. It for me hands down beats the Makeup Revolution Face Base Primer which is quite a big achievement as I was a huge fan of that product in the past.

L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Foundation - I'm still yet to try out this product, but have heard some amazing things about it's finish, so i'll get back to you guys on that one!

L'oreal Glam Bronze La Terra Powder - I've used this everyday since purchase, it is simply fantastic. First of all its got great pigmentation, a small amount goes a long way and its friggin' huge, meaning it's definitely worth the £12.99 price tag. 

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - This product is my all time favourite foundation, which thankfully now comes with a pump making it ten times easier to use. I find its the foundation that best matches my complexion, and the one that seems to last all day even with my oily skin. 

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - A staple in my makeup bag, I've literally always used this product and doubt I will ever venture away from it. It's just so easy to draw on those brows in the morning, who has time to sit and apply gels etc.. before work?! Not me that's for sure. 

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Fake Awake Concealer - This product is amazing at getting rid of dark circles and imperfections, it doesn't quite cover up my cholesterol marks but it is only available in the one shade so maybe if it was a little darker who knows?! I have pretty bad bags under my eyes on a daily basis (nice one genes), but this product does a great job at hiding them, so I'd 100% recommend picking one of these bad boys up to try out. 

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish 1 Second Remover - A lazy way of taking off your finger and toe nail polish, what more could you want from a product? I haven't actually used this one just yet, but have tried the pink version and definitely prefer the scent of that one to this (yuck!).

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleaners - Solid brush cleaners are my absolute favourite way to washing my makeup brushes. I find it quite difficult to get my brushes completely clean when using shampoo, so when I found out Lottie London had a solid brush cleaner I instantly wanted it. It's been an absolute god send. My brushes are all now looking and feeling like new, and I want to wash them all the time which is definitely a little unusual for me!

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5 April 2016

What I got for my 24th birthday

Well it finally happened guys. I turned 24 years old last week, and I have to admit its a scary thought. It only feels like last week I was turning 19, and heading to Chester Zoo to celebrate before a night on the town. If anyone knows where Bernard's watch is please let me know!

So I guess you're wanting to know what it is I actually got..

I decided to treat myself to MAC's Velvet Teddy lipstick which has been so hyped up by fellow bloggers within the past few months I just had to get it; and I have to say first impressions are great. I will probably do a full review on it in the near future so keep an eye out for that! 
I then got the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and the absolutely stunning ZOEVA Rose Golden Brush Set from Andy (i'm a lucky girl aren't I!). I've been pining after both items for so long, but just couldn't justify paying out so much money for them (I now know its definitely justifiable!). 
That was pretty much it for beauty related items, but my other gifts included an amazing Razer Deathadder Chroma PC mouse, and some money (to go out and purchase more makeup, yay!)

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27 March 2016

What's in my drugstore makeup bag?

I'd say that my weekday makeup definitely lacks in the 'wow' factor. Frankly, the thought of getting up early to apply more makeup sends a little shiver through my body, give up on extra sleep?! Yikes. My typical weekday makeup consists of the basics - primer, concealer, translucent powder and mascara. If I didn't have my cholesterol marks I probably wouldn't bother with makeup at all, crazy right?! So some of you may be wondering why there is so much makeup on the pictures above, well.. that is pretty much my weekend face minus the lipstick and eyeshadow (which gets added when i'm making a bit more of an effort). 

Featured Makeup
Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Shade 1 & 2 Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation (Ivory) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent) Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder (Light Shimmer) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

My makeup bag definitely contains some of the best drugstore makeup products on the market in my opinion. I have terribly oily skin, especially around the 'T' zone area so by using the oil free Neutrogena moisturiser with the L'oreal infallible mattifying primer my face can be shine free pretty much all day. I use a combination of two shades of the Collection lasting perfection concealer in an attempt to create the perfect shade to that of my cholesterol marks, at £4.19 per concealer they're definitely great value for money. The Rimmel 25hr lasting finish foundation is again, great for combating the shine of oily skin as it is a full coverage foundation - my only real issue with it is that the ivory shade is slightly dark for my pale complexion (but that hasn't really stopped me from using it, after all it can still be blended in!). The Rimmel stay matte powder has been a staple item in my makeup bag for quite some years now, infact I think i've only ever tried out two other face powders which were dire in comparison. My final two products are the Rimmel sun shimmer bronzing powder which is pretty average (not sure I would repurchase when it runs out), and the Maybelline lash sensational mascara which i'm sure you've seen from other bloggers is absolutely incredible, it extends the lashes opening up the eye giving a definite false lash effect. 

Featured Makeup Applicators
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Real Techniques Powder Brush Real Techniques Setting Brush Real Techniques Stippling Brush Real Techniques Blush Brush

My makeup applicators as you can see only consist of real techniques products. I'm a huge huge fan of the miracle complexion sponge which blends makeup wonderfully, I honestly have no idea how I even applied makeup before using this product so if you haven't tried one you really should! I'm also a pretty big fan of the powder brush, blush brush and setting brush which are super soft and apply the makeup perfectly. However I am not overly impressed with the stippling brush, after just one use the bristles started to fall out and stick to my face whilst applying foundation - not a great look I can assure you. This also happened to me in the past when I purchased the buffing brush for foundation application, so i'm thinking that I should probably stay away from any foundation related real techniques brushes in the future!

I manage to store this collection of makeup essentials within my beautiful LYDC London Wicker Vision blue toiletry bag which is the perfect size for travelling, or for sitting on your dressing table as its quite the pretty accessory, don't you think? 

*Makeup bag gifted by LYDC London
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