Sunday, 27 March 2016

What's in my drugstore makeup bag?

I'd say that my weekday makeup definitely lacks in the 'wow' factor. Frankly, the thought of getting up early to apply more makeup sends a little shiver through my body, give up on extra sleep?! Yikes. My typical weekday makeup consists of the basics - primer, concealer, translucent powder and mascara. If I didn't have my cholesterol marks I probably wouldn't bother with makeup at all, crazy right?! So some of you may be wondering why there is so much makeup on the pictures above, well.. that is pretty much my weekend face minus the lipstick and eyeshadow (which gets added when i'm making a bit more of an effort). 

Featured Makeup
Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Shade 1 & 2 Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation (Ivory) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent) Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder (Light Shimmer) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

My makeup bag definitely contains some of the best drugstore makeup products on the market in my opinion. I have terribly oily skin, especially around the 'T' zone area so by using the oil free Neutrogena moisturiser with the L'oreal infallible mattifying primer my face can be shine free pretty much all day. I use a combination of two shades of the Collection lasting perfection concealer in an attempt to create the perfect shade to that of my cholesterol marks, at £4.19 per concealer they're definitely great value for money. The Rimmel 25hr lasting finish foundation is again, great for combating the shine of oily skin as it is a full coverage foundation - my only real issue with it is that the ivory shade is slightly dark for my pale complexion (but that hasn't really stopped me from using it, after all it can still be blended in!). The Rimmel stay matte powder has been a staple item in my makeup bag for quite some years now, infact I think i've only ever tried out two other face powders which were dire in comparison. My final two products are the Rimmel sun shimmer bronzing powder which is pretty average (not sure I would repurchase when it runs out), and the Maybelline lash sensational mascara which i'm sure you've seen from other bloggers is absolutely incredible, it extends the lashes opening up the eye giving a definite false lash effect. 

Featured Makeup Applicators
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Real Techniques Powder Brush Real Techniques Setting Brush Real Techniques Stippling Brush Real Techniques Blush Brush

My makeup applicators as you can see only consist of real techniques products. I'm a huge huge fan of the miracle complexion sponge which blends makeup wonderfully, I honestly have no idea how I even applied makeup before using this product so if you haven't tried one you really should! I'm also a pretty big fan of the powder brush, blush brush and setting brush which are super soft and apply the makeup perfectly. However I am not overly impressed with the stippling brush, after just one use the bristles started to fall out and stick to my face whilst applying foundation - not a great look I can assure you. This also happened to me in the past when I purchased the buffing brush for foundation application, so i'm thinking that I should probably stay away from any foundation related real techniques brushes in the future!

I manage to store this collection of makeup essentials within my beautiful LYDC London Wicker Vision blue toiletry bag which is the perfect size for travelling, or for sitting on your dressing table as its quite the pretty accessory, don't you think? 

*Makeup bag gifted by LYDC London

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