Sunday, 16 October 2016

Meet My Guinea Pigs!

If you read my 'A Fresh Start' post then you'll know that I recently got two beautiful american guinea pigs called Rex and Spud. I've never had pets before so you can imagine my excitement when we finally went to pick them up. Rex (who is the larger tri-coloured guinea) appears the be the more dominant of the two, stealing the food and absolutely loving any attention he gets. Spud (who is the smaller brown guinea) on the other hand is the complete opposite, hes very shy and scurries away at the sight of us entering the room. I have to admit its been a bit of a learning curve finding out what they can eat and can't eat, trying to litter train them (yes who knew that was actually a thing!) and getting used to those little squeaks, but I definitely couldn't ever go back to not having the little guys around. 


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