Monday, 12 December 2016

A Guinea Pig Essentials Checklist

Pets are for life and not just for Christmas! Its important to have a checklist to make sure that your piggies/pet have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life. I've compiled a list of all the things I have for my piggies, that may come in useful for you guys if you have a piggie of your own or you're thinking of getting two (they need a companion remember!).

A Cage - Preferably an indoor one so that the piggies don't get cold!

Bedding - I've just invested in fleece cage liners which are incredible, if you don't want one of those i'd recommend trying dust extracted woodshavings

Vegetables - Should be provided as frequently as possible, ideally daily. Rex and Spud's favourites are definitely romaine lettuce, corriander and kale!

- A fresh bowl of pellets should be provided daily to ensure the piggies are getting enough Vitamin C. 

- This should be the main part of your piggies diet as it allows the digestive system to function properly. 

Gravity Water Bottle 
- Obviously another essential for your piggies diet, they can become really ill if they don't have enough so definitely pick up a little bottle and top up water levels twice a day. 

Nail Clippers
- Unless you're getting a vet to clip your piggies nails, then i'd invest in some nail clippers they're much easier to use than the small scissors often advertised (Rex always tries to nibble away at them, so i've opted for clippers instead)

Small animal shampoo
- Its important that you pick up a shampoo specifically designed for small animals. Piggies should be bathed around 2/3 times a year as bathing them too often can dry out their skin and strip their coats of natural oils. 

Hidey houses/tunnels
- Guinea's love to hide away, so hidey houses or tunnels are the perfect addition to any cage. 

- My little guys love having something to nibble on, and i've seen quite a variety of chew toys out there for them so i'd definitely invest in a few to keep them busy!

- It's important to keep track of your Guinea Pigs weight, to make sure that they're eating properly and aren't sick. 

A Brush
- Handy if you have a long haired piggie, I don't really need one for my two as they're both short haired.

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