Monday, 19 December 2016

Cohorted Beauty Box: December 2016

I definitely feel as though the weeks in beween Cohorted beauty boxes need to go a little quicker because basically I just can't handle the excitement for getting them. This months box arrived a little later than usual, but that was delayed when I missed the parcel and had to wait until yesterday to pick it up too (sad times I know), anyways, the box itself was a little underwhelming if I am completely honest. 

The only product I was pretty excited about was the Clarins Multi-Blush in the shade Grenadine (£18.50) as it is the first Clarins makeup product i've ever had. The box also contained two Lucy Annabella Christmas Candles (£17 each) and Lavender Bath Essence by Plum and Ashby (£18) both of which aren't really my favourite of scents, but i'm thinking they would make lovely presents for family at Christmas. The final item in the box was Winter Large Bath Soap by the English Soap Company (£8) which was again not really to my tastes but will definitely make a nice gift for someone. Overall i'm not entirely sure I want to continue my subscription. I mean yes i've only been subscribed for two months but with boxes priced at £35 I would like products more to my liking.

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