Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Guinea Pig Cage Liners

It's crazy how much my life now revolves around my two little Guinea's Rex (pictured) and Spud, and of course I want them to be spoiled and be super happy piggies so I've recently been looking into various bedding options for their cage - which is when I came across the idea of cage liners. 

Cage liners are basically just two layers of fleece put together with an absorbent layer stitched in between them which is hand made to fit your cage. The absorbent layer as you can probably guess, absorbs any piggie pee in the cage, and the poos can be easily brushed up making it super easy to clean on a daily basis. The cage liners are machine washable which is also really handy as you aren't constantly having to pay out for dust extracted woodshavings which can be a tad pricey. 

After hunting online for the perfect cage liners I came across a site called Ziggys Piggies which make a variety of different items for your piggies cage including the cage liners, lap pads and snuggle sacks (all of which are super cute!). I picked up two cage liners for £28 (including postage) which are high quality, and were posted just five days after I had placed my order. Overall the service I received from Ziggys Piggies was incredible, and I would highly recommend making a purchase from them if you're thinking of picking up some items for your Guinea's!


  1. We've got fleece for bedding to our guinea pigs (just recently changed to fleece, my husband started to have allergy from wooden bedding) and it's been wonderful. Piggies seem to enjoy it so much more & they're clearly happier :D & the fleece doesn't get their paws dry as quickly :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

    1. Its great isn't it! I've just invested in some more for their run, and they absolutely love it.

      SazBomb :)

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