Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Selective foods for Guinea Pigs*

The dietary requirements for Guinea Pigs can be quite overwhelming when you first start to read into it, but it is of course extremely important that you do research before feeding them as you could be feeding them something potentially life threatening. Vitamin C is a major component needed within a piggies diet as their bodies don't manufacture any - so lots of leafy greens and pellets rich in Vitamin C are ideal.

When I first got my piggies, I picked up what was easily available in my local shops, and stuck to a single brand. As the product was a museli mix I found that my piggies would simply eat their favourite and leave the rest, which resulted in quite a bit of wasted museli and me looking for different brands of guinea pig food which would help solve this problem. I reached out to Supreme Pet Foods about this, and they kindly gifted me some Science Selective products for my piggies to try out. I was sent Science Selective Guinea Pig food, Selective Naturals Blackberry and Chamomile small animal treats, Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Dandelion and Rosehip small animal treats and a bag of Timothy Hay. 

The Selective Guinea Pig food which is usually priced at £6 for a 2kg bag, is a huge hit with my piggies and as the pellets are all the same (unlike the museli) they will all be eaten which is definitely a bonus. I found that both the Selective Naturals Blackberry and Chamomile treats and the Selective Naturals Woodland Loops Dandelion and Rosehip treats sadly weren't as big of a hit as the pellets had been, as the boys had a little nibble then went back to sit in their hidey house somewhat unimpressed; although I have seen this in the past with other brands of treats, maybe they just don't have a sweet tooth! The Timothy Hay definitely had the best response of the bunch, my piggies thoroughly enjoyed munching away on it so I will 100% be repurchasing it for them in the future. 

*Product sent for review by Supreme Pet Foods

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