Thursday, 12 January 2017

New additions to my Kat Von D makeup collection

Kat Von D makeup is fast becoming my favourite brand, the quality of the products is just insane. I posted about the everlasting liquid lipsticks a couple of weeks back now (here) and obviously because of my slight addiction I asked for a couple more for Christmas. I asked for Vampira which is a beautiful deep red shade, and another exorcism because that purple is friggin awesome. I'd also heard some amazing things about the lock it foundation (£27) and lock it creme concealer (£20), so of course I asked for those too. After doing some research online I decided the best shades to go for would be Light 46 (foundation) and L9 neutral (concealer) due to my pale complexion (it was a great choice, as it matches perfectly!). Basically for me the brand just can't disappoint, the products are worth every penny and I will be more than likely spending more of my pennies on it when I get a chance!


  1. I've being using the KVD foundation for awhile now and i love it.. it's defo my holy grail foundation.. think im gonna try some of her liquid lipsticks next


    1. Amazing isn't it! Her liquid lipsticks are my absolute favourite too!

      SazBomb :)