Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Lush Bath Bomb Haul

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some Lush products to make you feel all happy inside, so that's exactly what I did recently to brighten up my day. I bought six bath bombs but couldn't resist and used one of them prior to writing this post, oops!

The five bath bombs featured in this post are:
 the Blackberry Bomb (£3.35) which as you can probably tell is blackberry scented is the one I had originally bought two of because they're simply the best thing since sliced bread; 
the Sex Bomb (£3.50) is a product that I only recently got introduced to as I got one for Christmas, if you're a fan of parma violets then you'll love this little gem; 
the Lava Lamp Bomb (£4.25) is filled with citricy scented goodness comprising of mandarins, tangerines and orange flower with a purple orbs of cocoa butter. I've had this product a couple of times now and it's pretty damn amazing at making your skin  soft and beautifully scented; 
the Frozen Bomb (£4.25) is made with neroli oil, rose oil and grafefruit oil making it another one of my favourite scents from the Lush collection. I definitely feel like Elsa with the blue glittery water whenever I use this!; 
the Ylang Song Bombshell (£4.25) is a product that I have never tried before, I was tempted to purchase it after reading the product information on the Lush website, it sounds like the perfect bomb to use during a pamper session with it's calming ylang ylang and floral scents. I can't wait to give it a try! 

What are your favourite Lush bath bombs?

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  1. Ooh sex bomb sounds right up my street - as I love the smell of Parma Violets! Frozen is one of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs, though! Also love Intergalactic, which you should try if you like Frozen! x x