Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How I care for my coloured hair

I have dyed my hair since I was about 13 years old, and didn't really think about the damage that plus heat from straighteners would cause back then, I mean who does at that age?! Back when I was 17 my hair was pillarbox red, I dyed it every weekend for a couple of months because I simply couldn't stand getting roots (which is inevitable really), my hair started to feel like cotton wool and was that soft that it just started falling out, leaving me with baldy patches all over my scalp. After that enough was enough, I started investing in some better hair products and decided to stop dying my hair as much.
Fast forward 7 years (wtf, how has it been 7 years already!), I have healthy purple hair, granted it does need a trim after seeing that photo but still healthy nevertheless. My hair care has vastly improved. For each wash I am now using Tigi Recharge shampoo and Tigi Colour Goddess conditioner (both of which smell amazing by the way), Tresemme's Heat Defence styling spray and Salon Chic Shine Serum all of which I picked up from B&M/Home Bargains which were relatively cheap at less than £30 for all four products. I try to stick to washing my hair twice a week to make the colour last as long as possible, so in between washes I tend to use the Batiste Floral dry shampoo which does a great job at keeping my hair looking and smelling fresh. The products I have been using for the past few months definitely seem to have a positive impact on the condition of my hair, it looks and feels a lot healthier than ever before, so I would definitely invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, a serum to make your hair shine and a heat defence spray for use whenever you are applying heat (not just after washing!). 
I hope this post inspires you guys to invest in some hair care products because they really do help to protect those beautiful locks of yours! 


  1. I remember getting blonde highlights in first year, and my hair dried up so completely. I decided to let it grow out over time, but I never bothered much with hair products up until last year. Luckily my boyfriends Mum is a hairdresser so she cuts and colours mine every 4-5 weeks, initially I started getting it coloured again at the beginning of last year and it's just continued from that. I find Aussie Shampoo and BedHead are my go-to's, I also really love Tresemme's conditioners (leave them in for a few minutes longer) your hair will feel amazing! I've also opted out of drying my hair - I like to let it dry naturally and it's helped tonnes because I'm always wearing my hair straight. If I know I'm not going anywhere during the day I won't even bother doing my hair, i'll just brush it out and get on with things. x //

  2. Love the colour of your hair!! I wish I could be that bold with my hair colour.. after having bleach totally ruin my hair and sculpt I started using masks in my hair and found a heat protectant a must