12 February 2017

Slimming World: Week 4

Its been a rocky couple of weeks since my first Slimming World post, i'm not going to lie I've been pretty bad the weeks since my last slimming world related post and have gone pretty much completely off plan. I've overindulged in one too many cakes, and definitely need to get back hard at it. Its the story of my life really, cakes and chocolate have always been my downfall so I should either just continue to eat them and remain the unhealthy weight that I am (according to my doctor, it's not just a I hate myself vibe), or actually kick my own ass and do something about it. I'm attempting the latter. 
As I write this post, it's weigh in day. I've gained a pound taking my loss back down to 6lbs, so yeah i'm feeling pretty crappy if i'm honest. I had lost half a stone until I started stuffing my face due to being on my period (no excuse really, but I needed one so I used it!). I'm aiming to get back on plan tomorrow, a fresh start so we'll see what happens. I've started meal planning again for the first time since I started back on plan so i'm hoping that'll give me the kick I need. 


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