30 April 2017

Sprucing up our house*

When you've got your own house sometimes the list of things to do feels like its just constantly expanding, well it does for us at least anyway! We're currently saving up to have the house completely rewired (yikes), but have decided to have the odd job done around the house to make us feel as though we're actually getting somewhere with it all. Latest on our list is getting the exterior of the house painted, at the moment its cream with a rather large patch of rust from a bracket the old owner had had put up, and to be frank its been annoying me since we moved in. With a little bit of pestering from my end, Andy has finally agreed to get it done (yay!). The only issue was I had absolutely no idea where to find a handyman to do the job.
Thankfully I was contacted by Bidvine a couple of weeks back which seems like the absolute perfect solution. Bidvine is a website in which you can hire various services based on your location from handymen to photographers, its so unbelievably helpful! For us the search was for a handyman to paint the exterior of the house so that's exactly what we have started looking for. 

How to use Bidvine
1) Enter your postcode 
2) What parts of your property will the handyman be working on? i.e doors, windows, walls, floors (you get the jist)
3) Where is the project located? i.e. - which area of the house
4) What type of property do you have? i.e a house, multi unit building, commerical space
5) Where are you in your hiring process? i.e initial research or ready to hire
6) When do you need the Handyman? i.e are you flexible or do you need them asap
7) Anything else the Handyman needs to know? 
8) Wait for the quotes - you will receive up to 5 quotes from services matching what you have asked for
9) Pick the service you want!

Its such an easy service to use and seriously good if you're strapped for time like us lately! If you'd like to find a local handyman to spruce up your place then i'd definitely pay bidvine a visit. We will be using them for pretty much everything from now on!


*Post kindly sponsored by Bidvine

19 April 2017

15 Things that make me happy

Blogging for me has definitely taken the back burner over the past couple of months due to the amount of work the house needs at the moment; which i'm quite sad about if i'm honest as I do love having a little area of the internet to post my thoughts and feelings on various bits and bobs! So I thought i'd pop back in to the blogging world to spread a little bit of positivity in what seems to be a bit of a negative time, with my '15 things that make me happy' post. 

1. My piggies - Rex and Spud
2. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
3. A Clean House
4. Loosing weight (probably not going to happen if I continue eating that chocolate fudge brownie ice cream!)
5. Scented candles
6. Finishing tasks on my to-do list
7. Sunshine 
8. Going on adventure days
9. Online shopping
10. Feeling inspired to blog again
11. Freshly dyed hair
12. Gardening (who would have thought it?!)
13. Lazy days watching TV
14. Lying on sunbed on the beach with my feet in the sea
15. Liverpool - the atmosphere on match days, the friendliness of the people and the sights are just amazing!

What are some things that make you guys happy?

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