Thursday, 18 May 2017

Home Improvements and Possible Disasters*

Life is all about those home improvements for me lately, and I have definitely got the painting bug! Time off work means only one thing for me - painting, painting and more painting. I've recently finished off the skirting boards in the living which look spectacular in comparison to when we first moved in so it's safe to say i'm pretty pleased with myself. 

I've definitely always been one of those people who like to get on with various DIY projects whenever i'm off work, however I wasn't aware of the issues that can crop up whilst doing DIY such as the discovery of lead piping, mould and asbestos. Thankfully we had our mould and damp problems sorted as soon as we moved in, however for some people that's not the case so it's important to make sure you're staying safe as is the case for when you're doing any DIY around the house! 
I've included this little handy infographic from for you guys to read which informs you of the various dangers DIY holds around the house. 

*In collaboration with SlaterandGordon

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