Monday, 8 May 2017

Infuse My. Colour Ruby Wash Review

I'm one of those people who is forever dying their hair different colours simply through boredom. One of my pet hates is seeing my hair fading, so when I came across the Infuse My. Colour Ruby Wash shampoo in Boots I had to try it.

Infuse My Colour is available in 5 different colours - ruby, copper, cobalt, gold and platinum each of which is suited to a variety of different hair colours. The vegan friendly shampoo is a bit on the pricey side at £13.95 for just 250ml, but is it actually worth it?!

Steps for using the product
- Apply generously to wet hair
- Shampoo and ensure an even distribution throughout
- Rinse (and repeat if necessary)

As you can see its pretty straight forward to use, if you've got longer hair i'd suggest repeating it quite a few times for it to take properly. I tend to use about an eighth of the bottle during each wash to keep my hair looking funky fresh (yeah I just actually said that haha...). I've found the more I use it the more it 'takes' to my hair, after the first wash the ends of my hair (where it fades most) were somewhat of a peachy colour but now they're pretty much the same colour red as the rest of my hair. Overall i'd definitely recommend trying this out if you've got coloured hair - it smells amazing, refreshes your hair between salon visits and its vegan friendly. What more could you want (well apart from it being a bit bigger)?!


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