16 May 2017

Possible DIY Disasters!*

DIY has become a major part of my life since owning my own house. Once the damp issue had been sorted we were straight onto the painting, and even had the entire interior of the house finished within 6 weeks (that's dedication right there!). I mean it was a no brainer, we wanted it finished as soon as possible so we got stuck in! I personally am a huge lover of DIY projects and would gladly take on most problems within the house (with the objection of anything electrical as I tend to leave that to the experts); but I am one of the 5% of women mentioned in the infographic below who would actually take on a plumbing job and I like to think i'm a dab hand at it too!

SlaterGordon.co.uk recently got in touch with me with an infographic which is actually pretty relevant to both my home and work life at the moment, it shows some of the risks of DIY projects around the home which could actually help prevent exposing yourselves to any risks. Thankfully I have worked with asbestos in the past and know what to look for, but this is definitely something to look out for if you guys are living in an older house and have decided to try out some DIY projects!

Stay safe people!


*Collaboration with SlaterGordon

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