Thursday, 31 August 2017

5 of my current netflix favourites

Netflix is definitely my guilty pleasure, and these 5 shows are what i've been binge watching during the summer holidays.
A mysterious high school drama about a guy who gets killed and all the events surrounding his death, i've gotta admit it had me on edge the whole season. Also, it stars Cole Sprouse who is a little bit fit.

I've recently finished all 3 seasons of this witch based show within about 3 weeks. Still waiting for my powers to show up though, don't know whats happened there?!

One of New York's best law firms take on an associate with a photographic memory who has never actually been to law school. The shows a bit on the serious side (as you can imagine from a law show) with a bit of humour here and there from my favourite character Louis Litt.

Jessica Jones
A kick ass female superhero show starring David Tennant, could it get any better?!

Ru Paul's Drag Race
A quest to find the best drag queen. Its got glitz, glamour and lip syncing - what more could you want from a show?!

What are your netflix favourites?

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  1. Great list! I don’t know if these are available on Netflix in all areas, but I’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek and Jane the Virgin. They are great comedies!