Sunday, 13 August 2017

Zoella Beauty Gelato Bath Frosting + Body Mist

Zoella's back with her latest beauty launch - the Jelly and Gelato (elderflower and pomegrante scented) range honestly i'd never even heard of the word gelato until she released it, so it's safe to say I was intrigued. Rumours online said that the new range was on par with her original, which I absolutely bloomin loved so I was pretty hyped to hear that. Release day came so of course I hopped onto Feel Unique to see what goodies I could pick up for £20 (i'm budgeting for a wedding here people, don't judge!). As tempting the whole range was to pick up, I managed to slim my selection down to just two items - the bath frosting and the gelat'eau body mist.

Bath Frosting
After my disappointment from the original scent bath fizzers many moons ago, I desperately wanted to try out the bath frosting to see if it met my high expectations or was a bit of a let down like the fizzers. The product is reasonably priced at £7 comes as a very cutely designed pastel tub with four 40g sachets. The frosting itself lives up to its name, with a very talcy consistency it disintegrates well into the running water leaving the water frothy, milky and beautifully scented for the entirety of the bathtime. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and soft, and is ideal for use within a pamper session soak.

Gelat'eau Body Mist
I must admit the very strong scent of elderflower and pomegranate from immediate spritz of the body mist took a couple of uses to grow on me, but I'm actually quite the fan now as it does reduce to a gorgeous summery scent. As for any body mist, the scent doesn't last all day but for a couple of hours so it will need to be reapplied if you're out and about, but for £8 its a nice product. Would I purposefully go out to buy it again? I don't think so. The original body mist is still my favourite out of all the Zoella collections thus far.

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