Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Dressing Table Tour

Ever since I started getting into makeup properly I wanted a dressing table. I knew that would never ever happen when I lived with my parents because I shared a room with my sister, so the makeup I owned was stored under my bed out of sight. When I got my own house, getting a dressing table was up there on my list of essential things to buy, y'know fridge, freezer, bed, dressing table, couch, tv - all the usuals.

My dressing table, chair and mirror are all from IKEA ie the best place on earth for shopping for a new home. I have the MALM dressing table priced at £79, the Janinge chair priced at £40 and the Nissedal mirror priced at £15, so that's a grand total of just £134, absolute bloody bargain! The dressing table itself I like to keep quite minimal with just my Zoella Lifestyle looking sharp ring holder on the left hand side, and makeup brushes in an IKEA plant pot and small free standing mirror on the right hand side. At the side of my dressing table is a hemnes chest of 2 drawers which is priced at quite reasonable £80 and holds all of my hair and skincare products, and on the top is of course my perfume collection which is kept very neatly on a £4 hexagonal candle dish from IKEA alongside a beautiful fake plant from Primark. 

Last but certainly not least comes the best part of all, inside the drawer itself. Pretty much all of my makeup is kept within this drawer so it definitely needs to be kept in some sort of order or there would be chaos every morning when I need to put my makeup on. Thankfully I came across the Stodja cutlery trays (in IKEA believe it or not) for just £1.50 each, they work perfectly for drawer dividers meaning everything has its own little place. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Omg absolute dresser goals! A candle tray for perfumes is a great idea! Might have to get myself one

  2. Love this set up! I've always dreamed of having a dressing table. That drawer for makeup would be so useful too!

  3. I love how you've organised things and those IKEA trays look super handy!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode