Thursday, 30 November 2017

Three Different George at Asda Mascara Reviews!

Finding the right mascara has always been a bit of a mission if you ask me. I am super picky when it comes to my mascara, so much so that i've been using the same brand for a couple of years now which is the Maybelline Lash Sensational (which is literally amazing if you're wondering..). However, recently my mum came from work home with a couple of mascaras for me. Asda's own George mascaras - Big Flirt, Curl em! and Get Jet! I contacted Asda recently after trying to find each of these mascaras online - after to my confusion only finding one of the three which was the Big Flirt mascara but even this was in different packaging to the one featured in this post. Asda replied and said that each of the mascaras have been given a makeover of sorts - two with a new name, and all with a new formula and new packaging, but they will all still serve the same purpose.

I'll start with my least favourite of the three which is the Curl em! mascara, which aims to lift and curl lashes - which to be fair it does do, but I personally prefer a much more thicker lash look which this product just doesn't do. It gives a much more natural lash look which is ideal for those of you who can't wear much makeup to school/work. Overall i'd give the product a 5/10. 

Next up is the Big Flirt mascara (£4) which is a volumising mascara with thickening effect. Personally I didn't see much volume when I applied this mascara, in fact it had pretty much the same effect as the Curl em! mascara but it looked slightly darker. The wand itself is absolutely huge and I ended up getting it all over my lid, which as you can imagine isn't ideal. Overall i'd give the product a 6/10 at most. 

Finally we have the Get Jet! mascara which is used for an intense black finish. This is definitely my favourite of the three as it gives me a thick black curled lash which is exactly what I get from my Maybelline Lash Sensational. The shape of the wand allows easy application to both the top and bottom lashes, meaning only one application is required to achieve that amazing separated thick lash look. Overall I'd rate this product a 10/10, I personally loved this product and would 100% repurchase it as its insanely good value for money. 

So overall out of the three mascaras here I would personally go for Get Jet! or as it's now know Va Va Volume. I can't really imagine how the formula could have improved for this as it and the wand are pretty amazing already. The Big Flirt and the Curl Em! (now known as Curl Curl Curl) mascaras have also had changes to their formulation and packaging, which I guess could have improved the mascaras to my liking and make me completely change my mind about them.  
Maybe we will see a review of the new formulations coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled... 

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  1. Would you say that it is just as good as the Maybelline one or is the Maybelline one still a bit better?
    Aleeha xXx