Saturday, 9 December 2017

Decorating the Christmas Tree

After waiting literally months to decorate the Christmas tree (yep, i'm that person who wants to decorate straight after Halloween!), we finally got around to doing it last weekend. It literally makes the house so unbelievably cosy, if only we could leave a tree up all year round!

We bought the tree for about £90 last year from eBay which was an absolute bargain as its so beautiful, and even looks like a real tree without the need to clean up pine needles. We decorated the tree with two sets of lights - white lights and the warmer lights which were both picked up from Matalan last year for around £14. The small snowglobes and knitted decorations were also picked up from Matalan last year for less than £5 each, and the rest of the baubles were bought from Costco in a huge pack. Costco is literally the best place to visit during Christmas time, its like Santa's Grotto for adults!

Where did you pick up your Christmas decorations? 

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  1. I'm super jealous! I got told we're not doing a tree this year - because I'm on holiday just before Christmas day until January and mum doesn't want to put it away herself. Super gutted, I love having a tree. Yours is so cute. I'm like you - I want it up all year haha. I am tempted to get a small one for my desk though. Love those knitted decorations, really cute!! That reindeer!!!! And that gingerbread man!!!

    Reema |