Thursday, 14 December 2017

Dermacolor from Extreme Makeup*

Finding full coverage makeup for my Xanthelasma has been a bit of a mission of mine for quite some time. Drugstore makeup just doesn't seem to do the job at all, and the only high end concealer I have been impressed with is the Benefit Boi-ing Industrial strength concealer which is priced at £17.50 for one shade (and i'd need two). So I contacted ExtremeMakeup to see if they would send me out a sample of their Dermacolor camoflague palettes which are designed to cover skin discolouration and abnormalities. 

I received one of the Dermacolor Home cover kits priced at £24.99, which contains a Dermacolor mini palette, a professional application brush, a colourless fixing powder, a powder puff and an application sponge. This would be the perfect kit to buy if you are looking to try before you buy as it contains everything you need, and comes in three different shades 'fair','medium' and 'dark' for various skin tones. 

After trying various combinations of the colours within the palette I found the best result came from combining the D32 and DIV, which came as quite a surprise to me as I didn't expect to have to use such a red pigmented colour. The overall coverage is close to perfect, and with a bit more tweaking from my end would probably be complete coverage. I am extremely impressed with the formulation of the product which is quite thick, with small amounts covering large areas. The professional application brush was the perfect addition thanks to its size and precision application so I would highly recommend picking one of those up if you're thinking of picking up some of the camoflage cream. The colourless fixing powder alongside the powder puff finished the overall application off flawlessly.  The only item I wasn't overly impressed with was the application sponge, as I felt it absorbed more of the product than it applied so I ended up using my trusty real techniques miracle complexion sponge to complete the job. 

Have you ever tried Dermacolor? What did you think of it? 

PR Sample received for this post*

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