Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How I dyed my blonde hair extensions red

I've had shoulder length hair since the earlier years of secondary school, and this saddens me a lot. I got it cut short because I had hair which was just past the back of my knees, and instantly regretted it. Ever since i've dyed my hair and pretty much killed it off, so of course it hasn't grown much since. So, in order to solve this little issue of mine I decided to invest in some cheap remi hair extensions from eBay and do a little hair dye test to see if I could create the perfect shade of red to match my hair. 

Red hair extensions are bloody hard to come by, well red extensions that match my hair colour that is. So I decided to buy a cheap set (£20 to be exact) of dark blonde remi hair extensions and dye them myself using my Arctic Fox hair dye in the shade 'Poison' to test out my method. It was a pretty straight forward process to be completely honest, so if you're thinking of doing it yourself with any crazy hair dye colour then I would definitely give this method a go. 

The Method
1. Make sure you have a mixing bowl and brush, a set of gloves, 2 large pieces of tin foil, your hair dye and of course your hair extensions. 
2. Place the extensions on a piece of the tin foil. Make sure you completely cover the extensions in the dye, coating one side of them then turning them to cover the back. Massage the dye into the extensions before placing them on the second piece of tin foil.
3. Repeat stage two until all the extensions have been covered. Fold the tin foil over so that the extensions are secured within the tin foil.
4. Leave in a warm room for 20-40 minutes before washing the dye off and shampooing the extensions and rinsing until the water runs clear. 
5. Blow dry the extensions for the best finished look, and voila!

Hope this method helps you guys with dying your extensions! 

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