Saturday, 23 December 2017

My Perfect Christmas Eve

Pamper sessions are a must for Christmas eve. They get you all cosy and ready for the festivities the following day.
Mine starts off with the perfect bath ever, I mean picture this - Lush snow fairy jelly bath bomb, candle lit, a hot chocolate in hand, sheet mask and vlogmas on your laptop. Doesn't that sound like heaven? 
After bath time comes the real pamper session, of course my legs and arms have been completely shaved by then so it's time to moisturise using the amazing Vaseline cocoa butter which smells devine and soaks in so quickly, it's just magical. Then its time to slip into those brand new Christmas eve pyjamas, which are definitely a family tradition but I'm pretty sure the majority of Liverpool also have these too. No pamper session is ever complete without painting your nails, I can't bare to have my nails not painted on Christmas day so its vital I get this done whilst watching the first Christmas film of the night - A Muppets Christmas carol. Once those nails are dry i'm straight onto the snacks and drinks, you can't beat a good tub of strawberry quality street with some strawberry and lime cider!

What do you guys do on Christmas eve?

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