Sunday, 24 December 2017

On the last day of blogmas...

I did it guys! I've completed the 24 days of Blogmas for the first time ever, and i'm so so proud of myself!
Blogging in 2017 for me has been a massive struggle, my motivation has been lacking due to personal circumstances, but it's been an absolute pleasure taking part this month and i'm hoping this motivation will continue throughout 2018. I definitely feel as though i've finally found my blogging identity in the last few weeks, and have been super happy with my content for the first time in years. Next year will bring lots more lifestyle and beauty posts, and maybe even a couple of wedding inspired posts. I'm hoping to make some changes to my personal life in 2018 but I'm not going to sit and write a list of things I hope to achieve, I'm just going to just go with the flow, and whatever happens happens y'know?

I hope you guys have enjoyed blogmas, and I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year. I thought i'd finish off this post with some terrible amazing Christmas jokes for you to share with your family and friends during this lovely festive period. 

What do they sing at a snowmans birthday party?  Freeze a jolly good fellow

Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A Mince Spy

Who's rudolph's favourite pop star? Beyon-sleigh

What do you get if Santa goes down they chimney when a fire is lit? Krisp Kringle

What happened to the man who robbed an advent calendar factory? He got 24 days

Why are Santa's deers always wet? Because they're reindeers!

Why is Mrs Claus always checking Santa’s phone? He seems to know where all the naughty girls live.

What did the drunk snowman say to the carrot? ‘Get out of my face!’

Merry Christmas, see you in 2018!


  1. Congrats on completing Blogmas! I have no idea how you did it as it seems simply exhausting, but I'm so glad that you had a good time. Loving the jokes, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  2. Congratulations! Love how your posts show how much you enjoy blogging. It makes me enjoy reading them,