Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Christmas Candle better than Yankee Candle for just £3!

If you're on the lookout for an amazingly scented candle for Christmas than doesn't cost an absolute fortune then i've got the ones for you!

Home Bargain's are my go-to store for my house cleaning products and the odd toiletries, however believe it or not they sell candles that rival the Yankee Candle for just £2.99! Yep, you read that correctly - these huge beautifully scented Wickford & Co candles are less than £3. What an absolute bargain. My local store has five different scents in the candle which are Warm Apple and Cinnamon, Mulled Wine, Gingerbread, Magical Christmas Tree and Vanilla Snowflake. My personal favourite has to be the Warm Apple and Cinnamon scent, its just soo Christmassy and makes the house feel so cosy! Even better - there are reed diffusers available in the scents too! I've already stocked up...

Burn time for the candles is about 95 hours which has lasted me quite some time already, not that that's stopped me from buying a shed load more for the Christmas period of course. 

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