Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hair care products i'm loving right now

I'm making it my goal this year to look after my hair a lot more. During the past couple of years it's been in terrible condition - extremely dry, snapping off and just not growing at all, so of course that's not what you typically go for in a hair do. So more recently I've been using a range of different hair care products to try and get my hair back to 'normal' condition, and have picked out three of my current favourites.

Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray
Heat defence spray is now a staple part of my everyday hair care routine. I'm definitely trying to straighten my hair a lot less, but sometimes its just inevitable when you've got 10 minutes of time allocated to do your hair for work and it's an uncooperative frizzy mess. I've tried numerous different heat defence sprays now and this is the one I constantly go back to; I mean it smells pretty damn good, and is an absolute bargain at just £1 a bottle. 

Tigi Bead Head Ego Boost
This is a product i've been using for a couple of months now, and it is actually incredible. Whenever I apply this product to my hair after its been washed I can feel and see a noticeable difference in the condition of my hair. I manage to pick it up from my local B&M store for around £7 which is relatively cheap compared to some online retailers. If you're suffering from dry/split ends then I would 100% recommend picking this up to try it, you won't regret it!

Garnier Olia Super Shine Oil 
This product is the newest addition to my hair care collection; i've been using it for about 3/4 weeks and have already received compliments on how shiny my hair looks so as you can imagine I am pretty happy about that. I typically use about 3 pumps of the oil and rub through my hair when it's wet, making sure to avoid the scalp as I can't be dealing with having to wash my hair twice (it's already enough of an ordeal to my lazy self). This product is priced at £6.99, which you may think is a little pricey for a 150ml bottle of hair oil but if you've got coloured hair then it's definitely a no-brainer purchase. 

What are your favourite hair care products? 

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