Thursday, 8 February 2018

Planning a Hen Night*

Believe it or not I haven't actually got anything planned for my hen night yet. Yes the wedding is still a year away, but I have everything sorted for the wedding (yep, i'm that organised) so it's about time I started thinking of ideas for my hen do right?!
I definitely envision my hen night to be a very chilled out evening with a couple of drinks and maybe even a spa treatment or two, followed by a meal with my family and best friends. However, if I have a little bit of money left over in the wedding budget I may decide to push the boat out and have the full on crazy hen night experience, and that my friends is where Last Night of Freedom come in- they have tonnes of ideas for the perfect hen night. I decided to pick out my my top 5 hen night ideas from their website to share with you guys, but of course there are plenty more ideas to choose from if my 5 picks don't take your fancy!

1. Weekend away to Dublin
2. Bar crawl in Manchester
3. Afternoon tea in Newcastle
4. Fire breathing workshop in Amsterdam
5. Husky sledging in Poznan

What would be your perfect hen night?

*Post sponsored by Last Night of Freedom

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