Thursday, 15 March 2018

Creating Opportunities with Sewport*

Lately i've definitely been working on my life mantra a hell of a lot more, which is of course - 'you create your own opportunities'. I recently managed to secure my dream job which I am absolutely over the moon about, and i'm finally thinking positively about my future. I can and I will do this. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without pushing myself to do it, and that's exactly what you guys should be doing too.

I am writing today's post in collaboration with Sewport. Sewport is a new platform that helps brands turn their ideas into garments and connect with different clothing manufacturers. Their connections with the fashion industry help entrepreneurs and new designers to flourish by working alongside them and building strong relationships. I personally love this idea- I am all about supporting new businesses and helping people feel empowered in doing what they love. They provide an online tool to source and build relationships with clothing factories, sampling studios, printing companies and other relevant service providing companies across the globe to help find everything under one roof and the system guides every brand through the step by step process of the process, allowing their creativity to bloom until they have their beautifully finished product. I'd like to think if I ever decided to become an entrepreneur, I would have a helping hand like Sewport available to guide me through the processes, making life a little easier wherever possible.

Let me know what's your life mantra if you have one! 

*In collaboration with Sewport

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