Sunday, 24 June 2018

Feeling inspired and not being stressed

I have a very unpredictable relationship with my blog. One minute I love all things blog related - taking photos, planning and writing posts, reading and commenting on other blogs. The next I avoid it like that plague. At the moment i'm feeling inspired by people such as Victoria from InTheFrow (both on YouTube and her blog) and Jamie Genevieve (YouTube) who are just amazing at what they do. I've watched both girls for years, and seen them work their asses off and achieve such amazing things, I mean who wouldn't find that inspiring?
Blogging will never be a full time job for me I know that for certain, I love my job  and often lack the inspiration to sit and write blog posts or go out and take Instagram photos - which is why I don't have one for my blog anymore. So I definitely feel happy in the fact I can definitely say blogging is my hobby. My space on the internet to do with what I wish. Its my space to get things off my chest, to share with you guys what I think of places or products, to update you on my wedding planning and to hopefully inspire you guys to write posts yourselves or pick up an item I've raved about. 
I've been using quite a bit of stock photography lately which are beautiful images but i'd definitely like to start taking my own beautiful images if possible. I've just upgraded my phone to a Samsung S9 which has an absolutely insane camera on it-hopefully i'll know how to use it properly! 

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