Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Viva España!*

Holiday season is fast approaching here in the UK with most of us jetting off to avoid the mostly cloudly, slightly drizzly british weather. I mean who could blame us when you can head off to sunny places like Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam or even Benidorm for less than it costs to go to London?!

My holiday destination this year is Barcelona. I'm staying in a small province of Barcelona called Santa Susanna which is absolutely beautiful and about a 50 minutes coastal train ride from center of Barcelona; so we're aiming for a couple of days exploring the wonderful attractions of the city and a couple of days relaxing on the beach, sounds like bliss doesn't it? Not only does Barcelona have some amazing places to visit but it will also be holding the 'Fiestas de Gracia' for a week in August, which is a street festival that takes place every year. The streets are lined with art and colour, with each street competing to win first price for the most extravagant decorations and from what I've seen online already it's pretty spectacular, they certainly do go all out for it! If only they did something like that here in the UK, could you imagine?

I'm definitely all for getting a cheap holiday and setting off for a nice relaxing break for a couple of days, especially now that we've got our own place and both work full time. So if you're like me and appreciate a good deal then i'd highly recommend checking out https://www.holidaygems.co.uk for some amazingly priced getaways for you and your friends/family. 
Enjoy guys...

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