Monday, 14 January 2019

Don't get distracted!*

I can't believe how much things change in the space of just a year. This time last year I never would of dreamt of having my own car, let alone actually being able to buy one; but now I've had little Daisy my pastel blue Fiat 500 for just over 7 months and honestly couldn't go back to getting the bus everyday. 
My driving instructor was always very strict on the rules of the road, and possible distractions that may occur including the obvious dice hanging from your mirror or people stupidly checking their phones. But after looking over this infographic from Leascar, I have to say I am a little bit shocked at some of the other distractions that have been found; the amount of people who think applying makeup at the traffic lights is an okay thing to do? I mean 10% of women have said they do this! Come on ladies, organise your time a little better and do it when you reach your destination or before you leave. I can definitely say I've never attempted to apply makeup in the car, but I have had a quick snack or two whilst driving which is apparently one of the other top distractions for UK drivers with 32% of us chowing down on a tasty snack whilst on the roads. 
If you'd like to learn a few more shocking statistics then have a quick look over the infographic provided by Leascar.  Car leasing is said to be one of the most popular car finance methods, and Leascar are one of the UK's leading personal car leasing services that offer a range of different cars including coupes, hatchbacks, saloons and convertibles.  If you're interested in getting a lease car but aren't sure how to go about it Leascar have a wide range of articles available on their site which cover everything from how car leasing works to the different types of finance available to the rules of leasing a car. All in all they've got you sorted, so if you feel like 2019 is your year to push yourself an invest in a little car then this could be the way to go about it!

If you'd like to get involved in the chat don't forget to use the hashtag #UKDrivingDistractions on Twitter to find out some more crazy statistics i'm sure!

In collaboration with Leascar*

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